Deadlight Director’s Cut – Now On Nvidia Shield!

Survive the undead-infested wastelands featured in

Deadlight: Director’s Cut

.The game is launching today  in the GeForce NOW store!

Featuring a number of enhancements over the original Deadlight release, including improved controls, visuals and an entirely new game mode, Deadlight: Director’s Cut is available for $16.99, which is 15% off of the regular price of $19.99. This price includes unlimited streaming rights on SHIELD and a digital download code you can use to install a local copy of the game. This discounted price is only available for one week.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut is rated M for Mature by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and is not recommended for players under the age of 18.

deadlight director s cut

The first thing gamers will notice about Deadlight: Director’s Cut is unostensibly the best, as Tequila Works really has improved Deadlight‘s gorgeous graphics and visual premise, creating a revamped version that doesn’t look out of place on a current-gen console at all. The wonderful juxtaposition of foreground action being partially shadowed in favor of a dynamic, living background is still present here, and it’s just as effective now as it was in 2012. Deadlight‘s visual presentation always has something going on behind the scenes, and never feels as though the game world has paused just to observe the player character.

deadlight director s cut

The game is set in Seattle in 1986, 145 days after the outbreak of a virus that reanimates the recently deceased. In other words, Deadlight: Director’s Cut is a zombie yarn – although in this game they’re called “shadows”. Regardless of their name, however, they’re still your traditional, shuffling, pack-minded, not-very-intelligent undead.

The story follows Canadian Randall Wayne, who’s become separated from his wife and daughter. After hearing reports of a last remaining safe point in Seattle, he heads to the city, believing he’ll be able to locate his family there. The objective – at least at first – is to head towards this reported safe area, which involves working your way through the ruins of the city.

deadlight director s cut

More info on Nvidia Shield: HERE


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